Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Solution-lens.com Monthly Giveaway!

Hello followers and fellow circle lens wearers! Are you interested in receiving a free pair of lenses by simply entering a giveaway? Keep on reading then~
www.solution-lens.com is hosting a monthly giveaway every single month where one lucky winner receives one free pair of their choice of lenses!
Why pick solution-lens.com? They have a big selection in many different brand lenses! Not to mention you receive free international shipping if you spend $80, a tracking number, no hidden fees and even a free cute case with each lens you order! Buy 2 get 1 free, buy 5 get 2 free, buy 10 get 5 free!
Since Halloween is coming up, you can bet for sure they have Halloween themed lenses. They are very anime eye themed. When you order a pair of lenses you even get a free lens case, and a free gift.
Are you still interested in entering their monthly giveaway? Then go to THIS LINK here to learn more info on how to enter! One person is picked each month.
Here are a few lenses that I would like to get! 

There are many more to choose from, so don’t limit yourself! If I do win, I will soon publish here a review about Solution-Lens.com store and products, please come again and read it soon. Thank you for taking the time out, and good luck! ^^
I've already got my lenses, and I am very happy with them! 
*~I am not being paid, sponsored or affiliated with solution-lens to do this giveaway. I am simply fulfilling the guidelines to the giveaway.~*

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